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SKIPPERED -- You can join us for an Introduction to Cruising  aboard our boats in Calgary or at the West Coast.  Go on a skippered cruise with family or friends in Calgary aboard our 23 foot sloop, Soryu,  to experience the wonderful world of sailing.   We take you out for an afternoon, evening or a day cruise orienting you with skills and fun associated with sailing, emphasizing safety and discussing the courses available leading up to your certification.  All the safety gear is  provided along with a certified CYA Skipper/Instructor.  A great way to get involved.  These cruises start as little as $75/person.  -- OR --

Join us out in the Gulf Islands of BC for a skippered charter aboard our 35 foot sloop, Good Idea.  You join Cap’n Dave out of Victoria and sail for a day experiencing sailing on our larger boat.  This introduction will give you a taste of what it would be like to have your own certification in Sail Canada Standards so you could set sail on your own.  


ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT CRUISES  --      BOOK NOW!!!  Makes a great present!! (And you save money with a discount.)    These introductions to the sailing world will definitely start you down the slippery slope towards owning or chartering sailboats worldwide.  We coined the phrase Attitude Adjustment Cruise due to the fact the Cap’n and his crew are definitely in a better head space having been out on the water than before they left.  


DAY EXPERIENCES -- Am I a Sailor?  Do I really want to get involved in Sailing?  Try one of these introductions before you commit. Get out with a skipper and let him show you how easy sailing really can be.  Be careful, as this is a slippery slope and once you have tried it is hard to walk away from our courses or further charters.  This wonderful opportunity starts as low as $100/person.  


BAREBOAT CHARTERS -- We do offer limited Bareboat Charters here in Calgary for sailors who wish to hone their skills and gain further experience aboard Soryu.  Depending on your certifications and experience on Glenmore, a skippered charter may be necessary to acquaint you with docking and picking up moorings without the aid of a motor.  These charters can be arranged for a one week or for five days spread out over the summer.  Prices are as low as $800.


Although we no longer offer bareboat charters at the west coast we can help you arrange one or discuss bareboat charters worldwide.  We also help you prepare for your charter through catch ups or advancement of your prerequisites like Coastal Navigation reviews, VHF Radio endorsements and discussions of venues and attractions.  




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